Important Ordering Information

Dear Director,

We are pleased to introduce you to our network of Sound Innovations Authorized Retailers. All of our Authorized Retailers are now fully stocked with the Standard Editions of Sound Innovations for Concert Band and Sound Innovations for String Orchestra with the exception of the Teacher’s Scores and Piano Accompaniment Books, which will be available in early August. Sound Innovations Authorized Retailers are able to provide you with the Standard Editions today, and will also be listed on the Sound Innovations website, when you will be able to save, and order your customized Director’s Choice Edition on August 16th. The Standard Edition is available for purchase now through your favorite retailer!

If you choose to create your own customized Director’s Choice Edition on the Sound Innovations website, you will be able to choose your favorite Sound Innovations Authorized Retailer to participate in the sale. If you pay with a purchase order, you will be able to choose one retailer that will handle the sale. If you pay with a credit card, you can choose up to five Authorized Retailers to share in the revenue of your purchase, or “No Preference” in which case the sale will be evenly distributed among all Sound Innovations Authorized retailers. It’s important to note that if using a credit card, Alfred will be listed on the transaction as the vendor, and if paying with a purchase order, the vendor would be the single Authorized Retailer that you have chosen. All Director’s Choice customized books are shipped directly to your school from our printer.

Thank you for all of the support you have given through the years for Alfred Music Publishing products. We are extremely excited about this new method, and the Innovations it will bring to the joy of learning, (and teaching) music!

Pam Hendricks
Director of Sales, School & Church Publishing
Alfred Music Publishing Co., Inc.

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4 Responses to Important Ordering Information

  1. Michele Gaspardo says:

    How much will the teacher’s score be when it is released? Will the entire book be available through SMART Music? (not just the first 100 line)


    • Hi Michele,

      Thanks for writing. Yes, the string and band books will be available through SmartMusic starting this fall.

      We will post a blog entry in the next few days detailing the cost and options of the Teacher’s Score. Please feel free to subscribe to this blog using the Email Subscription field on the right to receive an email when it is posted.

      -Alfred’s Sound Innovations Team

  2. Traci Van Dyne says:

    Have the Teacher’s Scores for the Standard Edition of SI for Concert Band been released yet and in the music retailer’s stores?

    • Hi Traci,

      The scores are being assembled as we speak and will be in stock by the end of next week. We will post an announcement on this blog when they are in stock.

      -The Alfred Sound Innovations Team

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