Making the Method: A Behind the Scenes Look

The SI team has been hard at work writing and proofing Book 2- here’s co-author Bob Phillips proofing pages.

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3 Responses to Making the Method: A Behind the Scenes Look

  1. Jeff Voegtlin says:

    Hi, I’m looking forward to using the Director’s Choice Edition of your new method book. I have two questions for now.

    1. Will you be able to add an “Enrichment Page” before any of the actual teaching in the book? I would like one page to be able to add a few paragraphs of free text where I can put into writing the policies of the class. It would be great to have that be an integrated part of the text that students and parents could refer to at any time during the year. Please consider adding this at some time.

    2. Is it pedagogically feasible to offer a “Full Orchestra” Method Book? Right now, all my classes from beginning 4th graders through high school have wind and string players in them. I do not have the resources to teach them separately. It would be wonderful to have string books that matched the wind books. Right now, my violin players read oboe music, my viola players read clarinet music, my cellist read bassoon music and I’ve never had a bass player.

    Thanks. I hope this is a reasonable place to ask my questions.
    Jeff Voegtlin
    Fairhaven Baptist Academy

  2. Here’s another question.

    Will you be adding a practice chart to the cover or somewhere else? Or can that be made an option that I can add toward the beginning or end? It’s nice for students to be able to mark their time right in the book they are practicing from.

    If there’s a better place for my questions or suggestions, please let me know.

    Jeff Voegtlin
    Fairhaven Baptist Academy

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for writing. You’ve definitely come to the right place for questions and information about SI.

      We currently only allow enrichment pages at the end of each level. However, a future feature of SI will be the option to customize the introductory page of the method, in which you can input your class policies. This will not be available for the current launch, but will be available soon. 

      SI currently contains separate methods for band and string, but the method is constantly evolving and is based upon feedback from teachers; we have had requests for a full orchestra method and are looking into it for future editions.

      We will definitely have a practice chart in the teacher’s score and may have one in the student books. We will confirm with a blog post later on in the week. 

      Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you for being part of the SI family. 

      – The Sound Innovations Team

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