Snare & Accessories Book Update: Important Information

We hope you are finding the SI Beta site and blog useful. Our goal is to facilitate an open an honest dialogue with the teaching community in order to provide you with the best possible experience with SI. Unfortunately, we have hit a snag in our final testing process that will delay the shipping and printing of the customized Percussion book (Snare Drum, Bass Drum & Accessories) in SI for Concert Band.

Please note: This delay only impacts the customized Director’s Choice Percussion book and Combined Percussion book – all other customized student books, including Mallet Percussion, will still be printed and shipped in time to arrive within 10 business days of placing your order.

If you require any Percussion student books with your custom method, they will be printed and shipped in late September. A more specific date will be provided after the Aug 16 launch. Your customized Percussion book will be saved in your account and you will receive a notice when it is available to order. At that time, you can log on and place an order for the book. You may use the same purchase order that was used for the rest of the student books.

In order to prevent this from affecting your class progress, we will offer a PDF download of the Percussion book you have customized of all pages and audio files in Level 1. This will allow your Percussion players to join the rest of the band uninterrupted, and will provide content for approximately two months of lessons.

We will keep you updated on any further progress related to this issue and encourage you to share any feedback or concerns either on this blog or by emailing us at

-The Sound Innovations Team

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4 Responses to Snare & Accessories Book Update: Important Information

  1. Michele Gaspardo says:

    Has the price for the teacher edition been decided for the standard edition or director’s choice edition?

    • Hi Michele,

      We just added a new blog post with the Teacher’s Score pricing for both Standard and Director’s Choice Editions. Let us know if you have any questions.


      -The Sound Innovations Team

  2. Susan Thomas says:

    Will our students who order the Directors Choice Combined Percussion/Mallets Book be able to get their DVD and CD delivered with the other books (as soon as we order them) or do they have to wait on these until the end of September also?

    Will the Directors Choice score and CDs/DVDs include the percussion parts (and still be sent to us as soon as we order them–even in August)?

    Thanks for your help! I am VERY excited about hopefully using this method this year!

    • Hi Susan,

      The first set of mp3 tracks on the CD will be available as downloads, along with PDF pages of the first level of the book when you order. The DVD will be available with the books in Sept and is the only component that will not be immediately available upon ordering. The Score will include the percussion parts. All of the customizations will happen according to the regular process- it is only the printing and shipping of the percussion books that will be delayed.

      Thanks for being part of the Sound Innovations family. We are excited to help you start using SI and appreciate the feedback. Let us know if you have any other questions.

      -The Alfred Sound Innovations Team

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