Fun Fact: What’s So Cool About the Standard Edition of SI?

Fun Fact: By now, most likely you know the awesome features of Sound Innovations Director’s Choice Edition. What’s more interesting than picking the starting pitches for your band? Or being able to choose arco or pizzicato as the starting technique for your string orchestra?

But what’s the big deal with the Standard Edition? Here are some innovative features:

• The instrument-specific DVDs are a Master Class resource for your students. They are referred to throughout the entire book, culminating in a solo at the end. Most methods use their DVD only for beginning instrument assembly and starting technique.

• The first 100 lines of the book are available in SmartMusic for FREE. The rest can be accessed with a SmartMusic subscription.

• The instrument-specific CDs include music for every single line of the book. Most methods include CDs only for the first half, sometimes offering the second CD for purchase.

• Student’s goals are clear and focused, and are often stated immediately preceding the exercise.

• Corresponding performance pieces include Educational Packs, containing notes on the pedagogy and composition, as well as performance suggestions from the composers themselves.

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