SI Guitar Interactive Brochure

What makes Sound Innovations for Guitar different from other methods?

  • Focuses on real-world guitar skills
  • The included SI Player allows students to slow tracks down and loop them for practice, and to select “minus one” play-along tracks
  • Video lessons on DVD explain and demonstrate all concepts and techniques
  • Musically satisfying lessons focus on core guitar skills like strumming, pivotal rock and blues riffs, improvising, reading music, and applying music theory
  • Starts on the Low E string
    • Establishes better left-hand technique and position
    • Promotes understanding of how patterns lie on the neck from the root note
    • Introduces notes in a clear, musical alphabet sequence
    • Allows students to begin playing fundamental bass-line type rock and blues patterns right away
  • Written by Aaron Stang, Grammy winner, educator and author; and Bill Purse, Guitar Chair at Duquesne University, recording artist and author

View our Interactive Brochure!

Look for audio and video links throughout the catalog and listen to and watch excerpts from the book.

SI Guitar Brochure

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