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Sound Innovations Author, Chris Bernotas, on the Importance of Warming Up Your Performing Ensemble

By Chris Bernotas Alfred Author What is the purpose of a warm up in the band (or any) classroom? Students come into our classrooms from a variety of places, both physically and mentally. Maybe they are coming from lunch, or … Continue reading

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SI Guitar Interactive Brochure

What makes Sound Innovations for Guitar different from other methods? Focuses on real-world guitar skills The included SI Player allows students to slow tracks down and loop them for practice, and to select “minus one” play-along tracks Video lessons on … Continue reading

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Sneak Peak: Sound Innovations for Guitar

So, you’re a band, orchestra, or choir teacher, and you were just asked to teach a guitar class. What do you do? Check out Sound Innovations for Guitar – perfect for teachers who don’t normally play (much less teach) guitar. … Continue reading

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Having a Thanksgiving concert?

Having a Thanksgiving concert?

Having a Thanksgiving concert? Here’s a performance piece suggestion:

Music by J. Eric Schmidt
The theme and variation form is taken to new heights with the breathtaking new work from J. Eric Schmidt. The theme is presented brightly in the brass, and then proceeds with five variations. A recap of the material ends with a short and swirling coda. This new work will be the one every director is talking about this year!
PRICE: $70.00

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Intonation Police: The Never-Ending Challenge In Live Performance

If you perform on a musical instrument that has a fixed intonation (commonly piano, guitar, mallet percussion, and electronic instruments), you rarely have to concern yourself with intonation other than noticing that the fixed notation has shifted and needs to … Continue reading

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Helpful Tips on Flute Repair

As You’re Preparing for the New School Year, Here Are Some Tips for Getting Your School’s Flutes Up to Par. Working With the Pad Adjustment Screws on a Standard Concert Flute Here’s another essential skill that falls into the “things … Continue reading

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Parents Pay – 3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Students Purchase the Right Book

1. Verify all your book and contact information is correct before placing your order. Since these books are custom-made for your class, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges once a purchase is made. Please double-check everything to make sure … Continue reading

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